Life update….and PATCHWORK scarf :)

I haven’t been posting lately and I also neglected my Instagram page….shame on me!

I used to enjoy spending hours on Ig, posting, sharing ideas, seeing what others creatives have been up to recently…. but right now my free time is limited and i have to prioritize (this basically means that, after a long day at work, I always end up on my sofa watching one or 2 episodes on Netflix). I haven’t been weaving at all since March really….this NEVER happened before! But you know, Italian summer is hot and laziness is contagious, especially when you work full time in another city and you are stuck in traffic everyday for more than 3 hours.

I felt like I needed to write something here to explain my current situation; my job contract ends in September but the company asked me to stay longer (till December). I like the job even though is stressful being a Soft Accessories Product Developer for an international brand. I enjoy the environment and I get along well with my colleagues BUT it is a shameful internship position. I really don’t understand why, at 27 yo, I must be an intern to get a job. Looks like my country has nothing to offer and this brakes my heart. I’ve studied for so long, I’ve been doing my best, went to 100 of interviews and yet…I am never stable for a decent position. Should I give up a job I like, in a well established company just because they won’t offer me a permanent position and a fair salary? Perhaps I should.

Enough with my “life updates”, here are some pics of my latest project: a patchwork scarf! Made combining 3 different patterns and a lot of colors.

This was a striped warp I made for a check scarf for man. Then I decided to weave another short scarf for women, adding different texture and a bit more color! It was initially inspired by spring flowers…but I finished it just few weeks ago! 🙂 Anyway, it is made with extra fine wool (a mix of alpaca and merino wool, super soft and cozy). I’ll probably list it on Etsy in September…when it’s less hot! Let me know what you think about this crazy combo of color and patterns!


Lilac Cloud- Wall Hanging

Another wall piece ready to go in my Etsy shop. This one was made using fluffy white and light blue wool (weft) combined with an extra thin wool yarn (in pink, lilac and light purple) used for the warp. I tried to create a bubbly three-dimensional effects with the weft wool, what do you think? (LINK to my Etsy shop)

Back in Town; studio is up and running again.

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post on this blog.
I have been busy with a new job and I had to move to another city for a few months, from April to September, but now I’m back again!
Finally back to my studio and, obviously, back to my loom.
I’ve been missing weving and designing fabrics so much! Now that I have some spare time I can focus on my winter collection. I haven’t posted pics on Instagram either and I bet my followers were wondering what I was doing… Well, I can assure you that working for Gucci was a great experience indeed but very tiring as well!
I am looking forward to create an interesting collection of scarves this fall, trying to combine traditional tartan and innovative designs. So many things to do and so little time…
Truth is that I’m still looking for a job, something that gives me time to weave at least on weekends (any advice is welcome). I’m planning to keep running my business on Etsy but I’ll have to work a lot on my brand image and style in order to sell.
Enough with the talk, I want to show you my latest work:

 check my Instagram for updates

and my ETSY shop too

Handwoven Scarf n°3 #part2 (review)

In one of the latest post I published an update about my newest product: a unique scarf 100% made with wool. You can now find it on my Etsy shop

The color palette I chose was inspired by a picture of a building’s facade painted in light orange with a lovely cotton candy blue door. For the pattern, as I said before, I’ve used a simple combination of 4:4 twills, changing the color order each 40 cm.

While I was weaving it, I wasn’t entirely sure about the final effect but once I took it off the loom I was absolutely pleased with the result!

The design is classic but also fresh and very bright as you can see from the pics. The colors are perfectly balanced and the pattern is complex but simple at the same time.

Now it’s time to start looking for a new source of inspiration!

The creation of a woven scarf: from the inspiration to the final product.

In the last post I introduced my newest creation, a 4 colors-striped scarf.

A lot of people seem to have liked the color combination which was inspired by few sunset pics I found on Pinterest; here are the pics and the color palette which I used to combine the colors:


After I decided the color range for this scarf I started planning the color order and combination. I knew I wanted to create a striped scarf so I tested different possibilities using the demo version of weavemaker, a very useful software for weavers.

After trying few combinations, changing the order of the colors and the thickness of each strip, I decided the final sequence and I started to make the warp.

As I always do, I mentally plan the threading and the pattern and I test it with weavemaker. Anyway, I end up changing the pattern so often once I start weaving! I do like to experiment and I get bored easily so it’s very hard for me to keep repeating the same pattern throughout the entire length of the scarf. I particularly like “free weaving” technique, weaving without following a fixed draft and mixing up twills, ribs, plain weave etc.

Here are some pics of the whole process:



You can find the scarf on my Etsy shop