Alpacas Farm in Tuscany

Few weeks ago I went to a fair held in a small village in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, the weather was perfect and the food was amazing!

Me and my friends spent all the afternoon wandering around, taking pics and eating an enormous amount of chestnuts…Among all the stalls selling local products and delicious food I found the stand of some locals alpacas breeders (one of the cutest animals I’ve ever seen). They were selling handmade scarves, hats and fluffy alpaca wool.

My cousin set up her mind for an Alpaca earlier this year, so she was determined to go to the farm, see the animals and feed them all day long ….we decided to visit the Alpacas the next Monday and so we did.

The farm is run by a lovely couple and they have 63 Alpacas, all incredibly cute; they made me want to have one! Not to talk about their fluffy wool which is super soft and comes in 100 different colors. We were amazed and decided to visit them again soon

Here is a link to their website and some pics, check it out!