Mood boards and design process

Last post was about my latest collaboration project with DHG.

Today I’d like to share with you some of my mood boards, inspirations and mock ups.

I used to make loads of mood boards while I was at uni, cos I love to collect inspiring pics/images/textures together in one page… lately I’ve been using both Pinterest and Instagram to collect images I like and interesting ideas.  What do you prefer? How do you collect ideas?



April Update

Once again, it has been a while since I last wrote something on my blog…

I’d love to write more but I have nothing to say, so I keep quiet. At present I resolved to quit weaving for a few months as I have started a new job (full time) and I don’t have any spare time unfortunately. Even though this job is only a temporary position and although I’m constantly surrounded by beautiful fabrics, cashmere scarves, unique prints and jacquards weavings, I miss weaving so much!

I miss the feeling of creating something beautiful; I miss having crazy ideas and translating them onto woven designs… I miss dressing up the loom and even making warps (which is the part I dislike most).

Anyway, I’ll be kept away from my studio until September.

Here are some pictures of my latest commission, a set of handwoven cushions made with the softest and most adorable yarn I’ve ever woven with…QUIPA yarn from DHG shop. If you saw my previous post, you probably read about this collaboration project. It was hard to weave with this extra fine yarns (a mixture of alpaca and merino wool) but the result was stunning!!

I actually made 4 cushions, 2 squares and 2 rectangles. Two of them will be soon available in my  Etsy shop.


Marianna Nello and our new Quipa yarn – Dhg

Check out my capsule collection of hand woven cushions

made in collaboration with DHG, using their amazing Quipa yarns!

Read the interview to learn more about me and my love for woven fabrics!

“Marianna Nello is a textile designer, who lives and breathes knowledge. Even though she’s very young she has an impressive range of skills and experience under her belt. As she’s keen on history, painting, different cultures and faraway places, she graduated in Culture and Fashion Design in Florence.”

Source: Marianna Nello and our new Quipa yarn – Dhg

Berlin Trip

Just came back from a 4 days trip to Berlin, who would have thought that a trip could be so inspiring??!

I am definitely going to use some of the pics i took while walking on Berlin streets as a mood board and my next collection will be based on tapestry and rugs I spotted in local museums and amazing street art.

I’ve always wanted to visit this european capital and this February I had the chance to  spend some time there. Luckily the weather was good and not too cold, so that I managed to visit more than 11 museums and other must- see spots of the city.

Even though it seemed busy, there were not so many tourist hanging around and it was easy to go from one place to the other without spending hours queuing.

One of the best museum was surely the Museum of Applied Art  ( the Kunstgewerbemuseum), with a nice collection of dresses and accessories dated from early 19th century to 20th century. The section of 20’s fashion was my favorite, with some great iconic pieces (see the pic below).

Pergamon Museum was a great discovery as well, with the stunning section about islamic art that had on display a lot of old handcrafted rugs, definitely worth a visit! Before going to Berlin I was thinking about weaving a rug, after seeing those incredible work of art I am so excited to start working on a new collection: color combo, pattern ideas, designs and style were all documented with my Iphone and I just can’t wait to print them out to create a new mood-board!

Besides Berlin well known wall art, I paid a visit to the Urban Nation Museum, a free entrance gallery that hosts contemporary artists’ works. A really nice space with loads of art pieces from international artists.

Last but not least, the Gianni Versace Retrospective is worth a visit if you are a fan of 80’s-90’s fashion. I’m not a big fan of Versace but at the end of the visit I wanted to buy a vintage shirt so badly!!


This is just a short list of places to see in Berlin,

Have you ever been there? What are your favorite places to visit, let me know!

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Lilac Cloud- Wall Hanging

Another wall piece ready to go in my Etsy shop. This one was made using fluffy white and light blue wool (weft) combined with an extra thin wool yarn (in pink, lilac and light purple) used for the warp. I tried to create a bubbly three-dimensional effects with the weft wool, what do you think? (LINK to my Etsy shop)

Barbie inspired collection

On my last post, I showed you my latest collection of handwoven fabrics inspired by girl’s toys. I thought I would take some pics with the finished products and some of my old (favorite) Barbies. The entire collection was woven while listening to P!NK (super amazing) song “Barbies“. Do you like her latest albums? I have literally been obsessed with all her songs for a while now… she is so inspiring for me!

Anyway, I had fun shooting this silly pics in my studio the other day…hope you like them too 🙂

Unicorn Shawl: first warp of the year

Haven’t posted much these past months, I’ve been incredibly busy doing stuff and now I can finally relax and think about some new project for 2018.

I spent December making a top secret collab project with a local mill; the samples are done, packed and ready to be shipped…can’t wait to share with you all the result of this collaboration!

Few days ago I bought some new lovely wool yarns from Campolmi filati (yarn shop in Florence, check it out!) and I just had to try them out immediately! So, I set up my floor loom with this fine, extra warm wool in 3 different colors: a mixture of pink and lilac.

It reminded me of a fairy tale princess’s castle or fancy unicorn hair. I decided to make a shawl for myself as I never weave anything for myself really! The pattern is a combination of twill and tabby weave and I used with mohair as weft in combination with the wool I used for the warp.

After finishing this looong scarf (1,70 m without fringes) I decided to play with the rest of the warp and so I made another short scarf, this time adding some sparkly yarn to the weft combo, and some pink pouches.

This small collection of fabrics is all inspired by fairy tales and little girl’s’ dreams….all the different shades of pink you could possibly imagine were used in combination with super fancy-sparkling yarns. It was heaven weaving all this fabrics.

Here are some pics, what do you think? Let me know!

Advent Calendar part 1

My own calendar; a pic each day to celebrate the best time of the year 😊

Day 1 to 4