Predicting color trends: (How I choose my color palette)

When designing my handwoven textile collection I am always particularly careful about the latest trends. Of course I don’t just rely on trends publications and releases but I conduct my own research well ahead in order to pick the shades that are most likely to be popular.

Being able to pick the newest trends is not easy but is you work in the fashion industry you will start to predict the trending colors sooner or later. But I strongly believe that predicting trends is partially a talent.

One thing I love doing is go window shopping and make notes (and sometimes take pics!) of the new color ranges. After I collect a good range of pics I print them out, collect them in my visual research folder and pick the one I like the most.

The second step is to conduct online research; Pinterest, Instagram and Lookbook are some of my favorite, here I start looking at people outfits and style ideas. Of course I also reply on more reliable sources and websites but as I am still a student I cannot afford to pay the trend reports.

After conducting broad  research, you are ready to pick your colors! (I usually choose no more than 6). After I have my 6 colors, I go to   and match my shades to the Pantone colors. Using the pantone color system makes it easier to find the exact color you used before and help you building up your palette in a professional and consistent way.

Now you can start designing! And after a few months, when your collection should be almost ready to be launched, you can find out what are the trending color for the season. I usually check the Pantone website again and see if my prediction were correct and hopefully they are!

The color I used for my A|W 2016/17 collection were:





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