Print Design #Experiment2

This past week, beside planning the exhibition space, I have also been busy preparing a few more collage that could be translated into prints.This time I used 2 A3 paper combined together, in order to enlarge the patterns.
As red is one of the color included in my handbag collection, I thought that I might introduce it in the print collection as well (Fig).
After making the collages, I scanned them and I started combining them using photoshop.
At first, I wanted to create simple patterns but in the end I resolved for more complex one, that will match the bag collection (especially the handwoven designs).

As can be seen from the pictures, the designs are made up by strips and lines in different colors and different sizes. I particularly like experimenting with paper and most of the design ideas are created during the collages process. I see each collage as a resolved piece and I don’t like repeated pattern so much but as the scarf sizes are relatively big, I must repeat the pattern on the surface.



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