Planning MA Show Exhibition Space

During the past few weeks I have been planning the exhibition space for the final MA show (24-28 September—>link).

It’s not easy to decide how much space you will need, how many panels/walls, plinths and tables will be necessary to show all the work. This year, the textile students and the fashion portfolio ones will exhibit in the same room so we had to decide how to divide the internal space of the assigned room using removable panels. As we are 5 students in total, we have enough space to set up relatively big spaces. Another  thing I needed to do quickly was to decide how many works/pieces I wanted to exhibit; for the purpose I decided to show my capsule collection of 7 bags (plus 12 smaller ones) and some swatch books I made myself while I was in Italy.

This is the first time I exhibit my handwoven fabric in public so I feel excited about it but also a bit nervous because I want it to be perfect.

In order to plan everything in advance, the best thing to do was to set up the space in different ways and take pictures of it.I then used photoshop to create some mockups to test the display ideas. I cannot upload the picture of my collection because I want to present it in the show so I can only upload a pic of the space I will use.


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