Digital Print #Experiment1

In order to improve my product range, I have been working on some print designs. The initial idea was to produce a range of silk scarves that match the handbag collection but due to the limited time it was hard to create some complex designs.
Therefore, I decided to print the collage patterns I made previously directly on silk. I chose 6 different designs and test the colors using Habotai silk; the black blocks of color bled a lot after the washing ruining all the patterns. So I remade all the collages using dark blue instead of black and this time I printed onto Bamboo silk as the Habotai silk was not a suitable fabric.
The second attempt was more satisfactory and so I decided to make a small collection of 30×30 small handkerchiefs.
I have also tested some fine cotton fabric that proved to be unsuitable.

Here are some pictures of the samples.



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