Collages #Experiment

As my source of inspiration is contemporary art, I thought I might get into some new techniques used by some of my favorite artist instead of just sketching.

One of the most popular techniques used in the 20th century is the collage. H. Hoch, H. Matisse, R. Hausmann, p. Picasso, G. Braque etc. are just few artist that experimented this technique. I have been reading some articles and blog post about this “new” way of expressing an idea and I have found it very inspiring. (e.g this blog)

If we look at collages made by cubists, dadaists, surrealists or futurists, it is noticeable that there is a link between them. Collages were used to express the ‘irrational’, they were  a messy juxtaposition of images and words.  Even though these art movements are different from each other, they all wanted to express new values and break the rules, go against the ordinary.

I have been using collages in a different way. My works are a juxtaposition of geometric shapes in different colors. Thick and thin paper strips have been used to create simple patterns. The compositions are not always balanced and sometimes the designs are deliberately asymmetric. This selection of collages has been used as a starting point for my weaving practice. The link between some of the paper designs and the woven pattern is clearly visible. The idea of ‘perfect imperfection’ recurs; the paper strips are never the same, the size is slightly different in order to create an optical illusion. Colors are used in a similar way, the juxtaposition of different shades creates shadows and let the design be vibrant and unfixed.

Following the idea of dynamism and movement the patterns are never steady.







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