Studio Practice update, July 2016

Recently I have been busy with my weaving practice.
While I was in Italy (to deal with the bag manufactorer) I spent my time weaving a wide range of (40×33 cm) samples to be collected in a swatchbook. The materials I have been using are raw silk, cotton and wool. I wanted to produce some more sample using different yarns but I didn’t have enough time and the yarn I have been using are suitable for making bags therefore I didn’t want to risk.

As for the leather, I bought an entire piece of natural color, thick, tuscan leather and after cutting 5mm stripes I have been using it as weft.

In terms of color range, I used:
-Blue (dark and light in different shades)
-Brown (in different variation)

During my interview at Texprint (London) I have been suggested to weave a selection of handwoved designs to show to possible collaborators; for this reason, I prepared the swatch books that could also be used as a source of pattern ideas for the future.
The picture of the smples are posted on my instagram page @Marianna.Nello as I find it a good way of sharing ideas and get advice from other weavers/designers.St


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