Studio Practice #3

Lately I have been busy trying to combine the marketing side of the MA with the creative practice. I managed to have two different prototypes made by different Italian artisans and I am currently working on the development of the final samples for this module. I have also had some feedback on my work which enable me to focus the attention on some weak points of the collection. The feedback was given by two designers (one Italian and one British) and a director of trend forecasting company. I was able to show them the prototype (In two cases I had to send a PDF of my works), the fabrics, sketches and mock-ups.  The collection has proved to be quite effective and based on the current trends announced for A/W 2016 (accessories trends).

In terms of weaving, I have recently set up a wider warp (using a strong cotton) and I am now weaving the first series of samples using a straight threading. Usually I weave small warps (no more than 20 cm width) but this time I used the maximum width, setting up a 33 cm warp. For some of the samples I am using leather strips as weft as I have successfully done before. This time, the bigger size of the sample is causing a little bit bumping effect on the surface and therefore I must consider the fact that leather strips can be used only in smaller pieces.

I am also planning to change the threading to weave different kind of samples (perhaps using a point threading to create some patterns)

Here are some picture of what I have produced so far:


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