Before going back to Italy for Easter I planned a 3-day trip to London.
Three days aren’t enough to see all the new exhibitions and events but I tried my best visiting 6 museums.
The first place I visited was the Fashion and Textile Museum, It was the first time I visited the place and I found it surprisingly small. Anyway, I was able to see the exhibition of the british designer Marian Clayden. Even though her work was mainly based on tie-dye techniques I found the way she used the color very inspiring.
The fabrics exhibited were extremely colorful and bright and the range of materials used was also wide (silk, velvet, cotton, wool etc.)
The other museums visited were:
-Tate Modern which is always worth a visit to see contemporary and modern artist and be inspired by their work. As the collection I am developing is based on abstract and op-art, it was interesting to see geometric paintings and sculptures.
-National Gallery which is a helpful source of inspiration in terms of fabrics’ patterns and color palette/ color combinations.
-National Portrait Gallery which is my favorite museum in London.
-Duke of Wellington house, that was inspiring in terms of interiors design, fabrics and colors.
-Leighton House. There was an exhibition of Preraffaelites drawing but the hause has a unique style which is worth seeing.


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