Studio Practice Update:

During the past weeks I have been focusing the attention on the bag design neglecting the weaving/textile design component. As I have no knowledge in pattern making (for leather bags), I have been looking around in order to collect ideas and inform my designs/sketches. During more than one tutorial I have been asked to produce some mock and prototype using the leather scraps I have but I still feel uncomfortable using the sewing machine, especially to create bags. In a previous post I collected some picture of samples I made which, of course, were everything but good. Therefore I started thinking about giving up the idea of making a bag collection but then I realized that, in the end, I am a weaver and not a bag designer; I make textile, not bags. Although it is good to experiment and push myself out my comfort zone, it is also worth considering my own skills and areas of interests.

I am now resolved to stop drawing bags designs and focus on the things I like which are: planning textile drafts, experimenting colors and yarns combinations and weave.

My inspiration for this module comes from abstract art, especially from the work of Frank Stella. Very simple weave technique will be adopted such as plain weave, 1:3 twill, 1:4 twill, 1:8 and so on. Here are some pictures of my studio and ideas.



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