Working with leather #part2

Yesterday  morning I booked an induction for the leather machine but unfortunately there was a problem with the bobbin’s thread and we couldn’t menage to make it work properly; therefore I had to use a normal sewing machine to sew some of my leather scraps together.

As said before, I’m not good at stitching and I have no patience enough to sit and sew a straight line, therefore the result was very poor but at least I was able to get an idea of how the leather will react to the stitching.

I tried to sew 2 small purses creating geometric shapes with a white thread; I sewed some “parallel” stripes trying to reproduce the work of Frank Stella (the artist that has been inspiring my work lately).

While I was struggling with the machine, my course leader came in and gave me some useful advice:

-Try to think about the color combination of the leather/thread (think about using sewing thread and bobbins thread in contrasting coors to create little dots and other effects).

-Use paper to define the shapes of the leather panels.

-Consider other sewing machine stitch


Here is the result of what I made yesterday morning:





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