Rustic Elegance:

I have been reading some books about contemporary luxury and a trend seems to recur quite frequently. It is connected to “Rough-luxe” trend and it is based on the concept of “rusticity”. As Patrizia Calefato wrote (Calefato, P. 2014), rusticity is a popular trend nowadays and it is addressed as an added value to luxury experiences (especially from a gastronomic point of view). In her book about luxury, Patricia Calefato, explains few key concepts of modern luxury which I found very interesting.

Rusticity seems to be deeply related to the concept of experience and emotion. From my point of view, a raw and rough material can also be considered as rustic.

Rustic Elegance is a popular trend for weddings and interiors.

Wood, jute, candles, metal and stones are some of the characteristics and the most popular colors are grey, brown, white etc. (all derived from a natural palette). Everything cooperate to create a warm atmosphere.

Here I collected some picture from Pinterest that summarize the idea of the trend. I will try to base some of my studio/weaving practice on this images

Reference list:

Calefato, P. (2014), Luxury: Fashion, Lifestyle and Excess. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Monteriggioni, Siena, Italy. (Picture taken from Pinterest #449442 from


Rustic Elegance, Home decor (Picture from Pinterest @Natalya1905)


Elegant Garden Wedding in Napa Valley. Garden weddings // Aisle Perfec (Picture from Pinterest @Debbie Mutschier)


Rustic Wedding, Decor (Picture from Pinterest)


Home Interiors Ideas, Rough Luxe on Pinterest (


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