Weaving Practice:

I devoted this past week to make a sampling warp and setting up a 8 shaft loom.

Finally I went back to weave after almost 2 years. It was exciting to start weaving some new fabrics even though I didn’t have a real project but only a “feeling” of how I wanted my samples to look like.

For this first warp I decided to focus mainly on plain weave, using different types of yarns.

I chose to use different fibers but none of them smooth (apart from the silver one).

I used itchy wool, raw silk in different colors, different kind of hemp and a boucle cotton yarn. For the warp, again I chose a strong yarn (cotton) in a neutral/natural color.

Regarding the colors, I didn’t want to use a bright palette as I still feel a bit undecided about the final tones, so I opted for neutral colors such as white, gray, brown, black and cream. The only exception was made for fibers I added to some of the latest samples. There I used brown and blue to create some tridimensional effects.

I post here some pictures with related thoughts.


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