London Trip

Yesterday I went on a day trip to London for some marketing research.
It was a busy day as I visited two different museums and a lot of shops.
The two museums visited were the National Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Here I took some pictures of paintings that I found interesting in terms of color palettes.
The ones that I found more relevant to my visual research were Turner’s works. The colors used to paint the landscapes are neutral and pale tone and could be easily transferred in my works. This painting are also excellent to give emotions; the calm and tranquillity of some of them is achieved through the usage of vigorous brushstrokes. Chaos is hidden behind the peaceful atmosphere and it is up to the observer to unravel it. I also took some pictures of old fabrics from the V&A’s collection to study the patterns in a deeper way.
As for the shops I visited, I went to Oxford street to see some of the high street examples and some luxury brand as well. The visits to Liberty and Selfridges were the most relevant as there I was able to study the current trends of different designers, the customers, prices, products’ displays and so on.
Here I post a collection of picture I took yesterday which I believe will be a starting point for my visual-studio research.


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