Making it in Textile 2015

It has been a while since I last wrote something here. It is because I have been busy with studio practice and because I went to a conference in Bradford this week. Its name is “Making it in Textile” and this was the second year.
The event was just amazing and I am so glad that I had the great opportunity to attend it. It was a successful conference held for all the weavers and weaving students from all across the country so I had the pleasure to meet not only other students, with whom I share the same passion for woven textile, but also designers and relevant people from Yorkshire (and non) industry.
It was an intense two day conference; the programme was quite wide and included many different aspects of the production, not only limited to design. It was interesting to see many people speaking the same “language”, the language of weaving. It is incredible to see how weavers understand each other and are excited from the same things!

We were a small, but consistent, group of students from Bath spa. One second year student, one third, me (MA) and the course leader (Tim Parry-Williams), a good chance to compare ourselves and share ideas.

From my point of view the whole event was enlighting because it helped me realize how is the woven industry/manufactory operating here in the UK and I was able to compare that to the Italian way of thinking. It was also a very inspiring environment where I had the chance to know different people and talk with students, designers etc.
The second day we were divided in groups and we went to visit some of the most famous mills of the area. I was assigned to the “Abraham Moon and sons“.
The mill tour was very enjoyable and I did understand a lot of how things works in such places. The designer studio seemed a friendly environment to work in and the archives of the old factory were so inspiring as well.

To sum up some of the thousands information I was thaught, I will write a list of the most relevant:

-First of all the importance of making contacts [it is absolutely necessary to make contacts with people because everyone may turn out to be helpful in one situation or another].
Secondly, I learned the we must be able to sell ourselves and our products [Who knows our works better than ourselves?].
Thirdly, I understood how important is our attitude towards people and how it can influence how people see us/our works.
Of course I learned a lot more technical information such as the importance of colors trends, the finishing of textiles, the manufactory etc.

In the end I must admit that I was completely satisfied with this amazing experience and that I now feel a little bit more concious and confident.
The visit of the mill will be the subject of my next post following a research about its history.


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