Focus on Studio Ruuger

As written on his biography page on the Studio Ruuger website, Oliver Ruuger was born in Hiiumaa, a small island in the Baltic Sea where he grew up in a fishing community. From the early childhood he learnt to make his own toys/objects and slowly became acquainted with the tradition of craftsmanship on which he base now all his works.
He studied in London and graduated from Fashion Artefact M.A. course in 2011 (at London College of Fashion). His works for the final exhibition consisted of umbrellas, leather briefcases and saddles. All those luxury accessories are now part of his own collection.
During his first years of career he won many awards and prizes (e.g. Accessories Collection of the Year Award at International Talent Support in Italy).
He now has his own studio in collaboration with two partners (Volker Koch and Elke Filpes).
The luxury products, commissioned for exhibition and catwalks, are considered pieces of art between sculpture and product. The attention is focused on the quality of the materials, accuracy of the craftsmanship and functionality.

What I like of this brand is the idea behind the product. All the process is made by experienced craftsman and therefore the object is considered as a luxury product because it is the result of an accurate study.
From the choice of material (obviously high quality) to the creation of the design, without neglecting the functionality of the object itself.
Nowadays, it is common to see some “luxury product” which are indeed beautiful but not wearable and therefore useless.
The point on which Studio Ruuger base its philosophy is the union between the purpose and the artistical presence of the object.
This is exactly what I would like to achieve with my projet so I decided to study this pieces in a deeper way.

Here is the link of their website.

Reference list:

Oliver Ruuger, Studio Ruuger, [Online] Available from: [Accessed: 13 October 2015].


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