Reflecting on “Time”

Today I found myself reflecting on “Time”. Time as an indefinite but extremely relevant matter from which we cannot escape.
The definition given by the Oxford online dictionary is as follows:

I’ve always found the subject very fascinating in its complexity.
Personally I regard “Time” in a melancholic way as present becomes past in the very moment you realize you are living it.
Every minute is followed and anticipated by another in an endless sequence that can be articulated in various ways.
As a weaver, my time is marked by the knock of the comb on the loom. It is a rhythmic sound that accompany my through the making of a fabric. But I think that every craftsmen/women relate with time in a different and personal way.
This topic is extremely important in my research as it is both related to the concept of luxury and because the quality of my works depends (partially) on how much time I spend and dedicate to the project itself.

During my research on luxury, I read a lot the term “Time” as a luxury item seems to derive from a relatively long process in which every single step is achieved with extreme accuracy.
I believe that this is the central point of the matter.
When we buy a luxury product we are sure that there is a story behind it; the perfection and the value of the object derive from a complex sequence made by the hands of one (or more) expert.

This is what I want to achieve during my MA. I want to create something that is able to tell a story and carries an history of tradition, elegance and passion.

Reference list:

Oxford Online Dictionary, Oxford Dictionaries: language matters [Online] Available from: [Accessed: 13 October 2015].


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