My background:

I have always been in love with fabrics, yarns, color and anything related with fashion.
As a weaver I feel deeply connected with fibers and yarns and I am always trying to experiment new and different things.
I graduated in July 2014 from Florence University where I studied “Cultura e Progettazione della Moda” (Fashion and Textile design) under the faculty of Literature and Philosophy. My major was textile design and in particular I focused my attention on hand woven textile.

My final thesis and project concerned a medieval fabric once produced in Lucca. Therefore, during the last year of my BA degree, I drawn my attention on the history of silk fabrics’s production in the medieval city of Lucca. I also had the opportunity to create a small collection of fashion accessories combining hand woven textile and leather.


Nello, M. (2014) Raw Silk Warp.


Nello, M. (2014) Il Filaticcio Lucchese, accessories collection and samples.

After graduation I took some time to travel around the world and study languages experiencing different lifestyles so I spent 6 months in Tokyo, Japan, where I attended a language school and after I moved to London (where I spent around 3 months) to improve my English.

As accessories are my biggest passion, in the future I would like to concentrate my attention on this field. The aim of my project is to create different type of product (bags, purses, wallets, shoes coats etc.) for the big public. Making unique textiles with hand looms and combining them with high quality leather.


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